We pride ourselves on offering, open air, natural daycare, whereby your dog can make full use of his senses by smelling the soil, trees and bushes,  hearing nature and having the sun on their backs, and being exposed to the rain, wind and all elements of the weather.  Allowing dogs to be dogs.

We delight in seeing our packs playing, running, swimming, chasing and generally having a ball. Socialisation is an important aspect of your dog’s development and we structure each social outing so that the dogs in the group are well suited and that the energy level and activities meet the needs of each member of the group.

When the weather isn’t quite as friendly, they can come inside to our warm conservatory where they still have plenty of room to play with toys, or simply take a break and nap on a comfortable water proof beds!

If you work long hours, daycare benefits both you and your pet.

At Boggs Dogs, not only do our guests get the socialisation and exercise they need but they return positively tired, better behaved having a seriously fun time in at the farm. 

We are in the process of building a dedicated daycare centre. We are converting a small barn where we will be able to house dogs in two different areas in a communal fashion. We will have an all weather run opening up onto a substantial fenced grass yard where dogs will be able to interact with toys, games and special items like Hay Bales, Sand Pits, Earthed play tunnels and a swimming pool that keep things new and exciting each week.